How Physical Fitness May Promote School Success

Many studies show that exercise and academics go hand in hand. Students who are physically fit have shown better performance than their counterparts who are not fit. Many schools have come up with programs to ensure that children live healthily and maintain fitness.

Importance of physical fitness

Physical fitness improves cognitive abilities. Today with the introduction of social media,most students can hardly concentrate for long. exercise helps the children to release built up energy leading to calmness. For this reason, one is able to concentrate on a single thing without any internal destructions. They are able to retain more information leading to better grades during tests as suggested by Benefits study. This is proven by a study undertaken by the American college of sports medicine to be true too. The study reveals that children who exercised vigorously for 10 minutes before a math test performed better than those who sat quietly in class.

Nebraska Research study.

In a study published in the journal of paediatrics which involved 12000 Nebraska schoolchildren, researchers took into account every child’s fitness level,academic achievement in mathematics and English and the body mass index. It was proved that indeed there exists a link between fitness and good performance. Students who were overweight but relatively fit performed better than much lighter children who were unfit. See more.

Communication and school success.

Health is a complete state of wellbeing. The brain cannot work to its maximum potential without relaxation. Physical exercise is a way for children to relax. Children who keep playing video games instead of engaging in physically involving games like running do not release excess energy hence are mostly never relaxed. These children get to have very minimal, if any,social interactions. They stay indoors and end up being very shy and usually end upbeing shy adults too. On the other hand, students who are physically active and play regularly in groups end up being bold. They learn good communication skills much faster and know how to treat other people in the best way possible. They are comfortable in groups. Effective communication skillslead to a school’s success.

Lifestyle and school success.

Lifestyle diseases are on the rise today.These diseases include obesity,diabetesetc. these diseases are mainly caused by daily consumption of junk food and lack of exercise. This leads to the mind being unfit too hence bad performance in school.

One does not have to do hard exercises to be fit. Children can walk more frequently and a little faster, that will be enough.Cycling has also been proven to be a good way of exercising. After all, cycling is fun. Let children spend their weekends in the neighbourhood cycling and playing with their friends. It is helpful for boosting stamina. Skating is another way of exercising while having fun. For these reasons, a child has no excuse to be unfit.


Parents should inspect the areas that their children go out to play to ensure their safety. There are some muscle-building activities that children at an early age should not engage in. Let them start with easier exercises and support them when they want to participate in sports. Remember an active bodymeans a healthy mind hence better academic performance. Learn more details at







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