Living the Fitness Lifestyle


Popular mindsets to avoid

So often I talk to people who engage in body building and physique competitions. These are sports that I personally love and respect. These sports are characterized by a huge number of amazing athletes and they have always had a firm place in my heart as some of my favorite personalities and friends. However, most of the people (but they are rarely those athletes) place a wrong label on these people and incorrectly think of these people as the ultimate symbol of the fitness lifestyle. In the majority of situations (there are lots of exceptions), I may tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. I already lived that lifestyle for the majority of what my life experienced so I know what I’m talking about. visit their official website for more details.

Over time, the great fluctuations in body weight, steroid abuse as well as constantly changing dietary practices take their toll. And once their respective lives have moved past the competition phase, most of them tend to become recreational exercisers and end up having the same physical fitness shortcomings that usually other people had in contact. While sport is a tremendous way to stay in shape and enjoy our lives we have to make sure that we create lifestyle characteristics that will remain once our days of competition had already passed. I already struggled on this for years and can tell you that this is a tremendous challenge for the former physique athlete. get some news at

Get to Know Yourself It’s Going to be a Long Ride

Living fit (for life) will be all about what you become aware on the fitness of your body’s shortcomings as well as designing your lifestyle that will improve them and maintain them at a high level. It’s really that simple. It’s not a get ripped-up for summer then gain all the weight back in the fall type of lifestyle. Sure, there are times when a fit person may decide to take some aspect of fitness and improve it considerably in order to enjoy the benefits of it, but the thing to remember is that there is no stopping point.


So, you get the picture. Living fit is not about sporting six-pack abs year-round (but can include this) until you get married then adopting the beer belly. Living fit is about a lifetime of choices and actions that lead to your physical betterment as your life goes on from phase-to-phase and relationship-to-relationship. The greatest thing I love about the fitness lifestyle is that it is never too late to begin. This is quite a great concept which has changed the people’s lives of millions, and myself was included, and this can also do similarly for you if you so choose.

I challenge everyone to take certain look on lots of lifestyle options you have to make and then consider ways on how to incorporate much healthier fitness to mindset those different things in order to create and build a lifestyle that will provide you with a great level of fitness from this moment forward. You can do it! Living fit is a choice and that choice is yours.

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